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Flight Information



What to Wear

  • Dress for the surface temperatures of the day. At the altitudes we fly at the temperatures are only a few degrees different.
  • Layers are best so you may adjust as the day warms.
  • Sneakers or closed toed shoes with rubber soles are best. Please no high heels. At the launch or landing site we may encounter tall grass and morning dew is common. Many of our sites are active pastures. A change of socks and or shoes may be a good idea if you are heading out directly after your flight.
  • Please dress as if you are going for a walk in the woods or through a pasture or field.
  • We recommend a camera or video recorder with a wrist or neck - strap for safety reasons. A soft case for your camera or video equipment would be a good idea so that you may stow your equipment prior to landing.
  • Please limit what you bring with you in the balloon, as we cannot be responsible for damaged or lost belongings.
  • Purses and personal belonging may be left in the chase vehicle or locked in your vehicle before we depart the meeting site.

Meeting Place and Time

  • Starbucks - Celebration & 192
    6075 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy (Hwy.192)
    Kissimmee, Florida 34747
    3 Traffic Lights East of Interstate 4
  • WaWa - Store #5166
    7940 West Irlo Bronson Hwy (Hwy.192)
    Kissimmee, Florida 34747 (Enter Store #5166)
  • We meet approximately one hour before sunrise. The times vary depending on the time of year. Typically we meet between 5:30 am in the summer months and 6:00 am in the fall and winter months. We will let you know what time we are meeting the evening before your flight when you check in. If you need directions we will be happy to assist you.



At Orlando Balloon Adventures we take safety very seriously and the weather plays a very important role in the decision making process of whether to fly or not. It is ultimately the Pilots decision on whether to take off or not and his or her responsibility to bring the balloon safely back to Mother Earth. OBA provides some of the information for your review but keep in mind our Pilots look at a much more detailed picture along with their years of experience. We do not take off in poor visibility, rain or in winds in excess of 8 mph on the surface. If for any reason we have to cancel it is for your safety as well as that of our Pilots and Crew. There are no charges if we cancel due to weather. Thank you in advance for your understanding should this situation arise. Please check in the evening before your flight between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm to confirm that the weather looks favorable for your flight.  We have provided a link to one of the weather sites we use.

US Air Net


Blastvalve Weather



Our pilots are all FAA Certified LTA Commercial Pilots and most have multiple ratings in other aircraft as well. Your Chief Pilot has over 2,000 hrs. flying Hot Air Balloons as well as hundreds of hours in other aircraft as well. Your Pilot is also your tour guide aloft and will be happy to point out the local attractions.



No shows without 48 hours prior notice will forfeit their deposit or certificates will be considered used.  We do not wish to enforce this policy so if you are unable to make your flight please call as early as possible so that we may fill your reservation.  This helps to keep our cost down so that we may continue to offer these affordable Balloon Adventures.

If we cancel due to adverse weather and you are unable to reschedule your Balloon Adventure your Deposit will be Refunded in Full.

Liability Waiver

We require all our passengers to sign a Release of Liability Waiver.  You are encouraged to preview this before your flight.



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